tirsdag 27. desember 2011

Pixmania - how do they value their customers conveniance

This time in english.

I would like to share my experiences with Pixmania's customer service. As a consumer, I always do find high value in reliable information and this time it is my turn to inform my fellow consumers who might be interested in getting some extra help with decision making.

I have bought a wifi router from Pixmania and paid extra for some extra quarantee deal. Last month the router has been very unstable, I had to reboot the router a lot of times.

I took contact with Pixmania's customer service and filed a complaint. Customer service offered me 2 options.

1. Send the router to reparation, the router will be fixed and sent back
2. Send the router in original package back and Pixmania will send me a credit note for a purchase of a new product

Both options offered me spending a lot of my time for solving problems with one cheap item - about 125 EUR.

1. Finding a box and packing the router in the box. Driving to the post office, parking the car. Waiting in the post office in the cue, delivering and paying for postage. Driving back home. All together about 90 minutes of my time.
2. When getting back the router (or a new router), the same procedure again, extra 90 minutes of my life spent.
3. The biggest inconveniance is not having a router between 1. and 2. Not having it for 1 month? Not having wifi internet at home when we have 6 iphone's, 3 PS3-s, 6 pc/laptops, 1 apple tv, 3 TV-s using wifi internet constantly - not funny at all.

So I made a proposition - send me a new router, I will receive it and pack the old one in the same package and send it back. One visit to the post office and only a couple of hours without wifi at home.

Answer from the customer service - this is not possible. Their solution for the problem with the defect router demands 3 hours of my time and disabling wifi possibility for our family for about 1 month. It is much cheaper for me to go and buy a new router in the nearest electronic store - costs only 125 EUR + about 30 minutes of my time.

What I proposed, was a modification of option 2. I would have sent the router back in original package, received a new one for a credit note. I would have been satisfied with service and stayed a potential customer even in the future. Pixmania would have served a customer without extra costs the most convenient way for a customer. Only win-win situation.

Now it is vice versa. Pixmania have earned a little bit from the sale, spared costs of reparation/replacemant, but they will never ever sell anything to me or to my family.

I got a valuable experience at little price - I will never ever buy anything from Pixmania and I will never ever have any trouble with Pixmania's customer service, I will spare lot of my time and energy in the future when I will not spend my money in the company which is not valuing me as a customer.

Everyone can do mistakes. Shit happens. But when it happens, it is very important that you do not have to deal with a company which is known for a not-flexible customer service which is not valuing the conveniance of customers even when it does not cost anything extra.

Have a nice day!

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